Sneak Peak-Tanner Foust’s 2015 VW Passat Formula Drift Machine!


Rear mounted radiators are becoming standard for drift cars as they are less vulnerable in a crash and allow for better weight distribution.  The radiator is blown with huge shrouded fans just like the common practice in offroad racing trucks. 
KMC Racing forged wheels are wrapped with Nitto NT05 rubber in 255/40-17 for the front tires.  Nitto's latest NT05 is very sticky and quite competitive even when compared to the Achilles gumballs which are recognized as the current best drift tire. Look for some new NT05 evaluations from us in the near future. The front brakes use lightweight two piece solid rotors with a 4 piston Afco caliper.
The rear brakes use a solid two piece rotor with twin Wilwood calipers.  One is for the normal brake system, the second is an independent drift brake system controlled by a hand lever. The rear tire is a NT05 in 295/40-18.  The car is a portly 3080 lbs without driver so a large tire is OK under FD rules.
A Tilton 600 series pedal box is used with a balance bar.  The throttle is drive by wire controlled by the AEM Infinity ECU.
The super clean layout of the brake system lines is worth a second look.  The entire car displays a high degree of workmanship typical of Tanner Foust Racing's machines.  Note that the pedal assembly is hung on a tubular sub structure that is integrated into the cage and the whole system is easily accessible for maintenance.   Also note that the pedals and drivers seat are set back for better weight distribution.
The CNC machined drift brake lever has Tanner's personal logo engraved into it.
The hydraulics for the drift brake are located down low  to the side of the front seat.

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