Sneak Peek: Global Time Attack Cars Round 1


Ford bucked the trend and dropped a 4-banger turbo into a pony car, something not seen since the old SVO Mustang. This car sat beneath the Turbosmart tent.
I do love me a set of StopTech brakes!
As good as the new Mustang is on a road course, the new Camaro is generally accepted to be even better.
It can be outfitted with massive brakes and super wide rubber straight off the showroom floor. I like that parking stop.
Here’s something you don’t see every day, a Chevy Cobalt at the track. Don’t forget that back in 2010, Chevy released the Cobalt SS and it was one hell of a track car. The Evo X guys on the forums got all pissy because the Cobalt SS turned a faster lap time at Laguna Seca. This particular car is built by Foximus Motorsports and it is not the SS model. However, the owner Chris did swap over SS parts onto it; like I said, Chevy did a really great job of making the SS a great track car. Gotta love the OEM+ upgrades.
Since very few Cobalts make it out on road courses, Chris has to do a lot of parts development himself such as the front splitter.

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