Sneak Peek: Global Time Attack Cars Round 1


Another Borg Warner EFR with the turbine housing wrapped in insulation. Lots of gold reflective tape is used along the backside of the firewall. An extra little fan (the plastic cylinder next to the compressor discharge pipe) pumps air through the neoprene duct into the turbine housing area to help keep things cool. You know, the things that have to be done to keep a rotary reliable.
Another beautiful FD and it still had a rotary too.
Another WRX, another vented hood. This WRX has a set of Forge Motorsport brakes.
Many GT-Rs these days are built for straight-line speed, but some guys still build them for road courses. Check out the rear diffuser and single center exit exhaust.
Super special racing tape is used to seal the splitter to the bottom of the front bumper. It appears a panel was added to the middle to nicely direct all the airflow to the intercoolers and also seal up against the intercoolers. Super special neoprene ducts are probably for brake cooling. The GT-R is a big heavy car, it needs all the brake cooling it can get.
This hood has a good amount of surface area for venting. But when even more cooling is needed, even a GT-R hood can use a bit of DIY venting love.

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