Sneak Peek: Global Time Attack Cars Round 1


Another Subaru. Another DIY vented hood.
I’ve always loved a well-modded FD.
Lots of speed tape has been used to seal the splitter to the bumper to prevent air from leaking between the two and reducing downforce. More tape is used to seal up all the air gaps around the radiator. I’m guessing the round ducts are used for brake cooling.
Classic BBS wheels, Bridgestone Potenza RE-71s, and StopTech brakes always make a good rolling package for track use.
More tape is used here to seal off the intercooler. It might not be pretty, but I appreciate the do-whatever-it-takes-on-a-budget methodology.
This is a nice looking vented hood, but it appears to have a bit of addition to the openings with the raised lip to help manage the airflow.

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