Sneak Peek: Global Time Attack Cars Round 1


The hood retains the stock ducts on the underside of the hood connected to the NACA ducts on the topside. These ducts direct cooling air to the area around the turbos to prevent everything from getting too toasty down there.
The engine package puts down around 800whp though the power was turned down this day because it was too cold to get traction. It appears to have an oil catch can setup which drains back to the sump. Ya know, sometimes super special racing zip-ties are the best solution for keeping fluid reservoir socks on.
A few Italians actually made it out to the track to play. The Lambo was performing double duty as it was also doing some ½ mile racing the same weekend.
Funny thing, I run into Will Wattanawongkiri everywhere (for example, my motorcycle track day). At GTA, he brought out this M3 which only had a sticker tire and wheel package and laid down some seriously fast laps pushing some fully track prepped cars. I approve of the rear window and side window sticker treatments with shoutouts to Honeywell Garrett, MotoIQ, and Purists.
Lars, the owner of Opy, brought out his new and just-broken-in Golf R daily driver. FYI, the ambient air temps were around 50F and the peak oil temps the Golf R saw were about 250F. If you’re a Golf R owner and plan on tracking in hot weather, an oil cooler would be a wise investment.
So many Subarus…..

There was a fun field of cars at the first round of GTA 2017. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen an FD at the track and there was a pair that were very well prepped. I love seeing the DIY solutions for airflow management and thermal management. Most of us have limited means, so I can certainly relate to the philosophy of doing what works on a budget. While it’s great seeing all the Subarus out there, what happened to all the Evo guys? Stay tuned for our full Boost Fest event coverage coming soon!

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