Sneak Peek- Matt Coffman’s 2015 Formula Drift Nissan S13


The Ford Engine is kept lubricated by an Auto Verdi dry sump system.  Auto Verdi is a Swedish company and is not a common system here although it is very popular for Rally and Rallycross in Europe.  Nowadays nearly all Formula D cars are dry sumped.  With new improvements in suspension and tire technology in drifting, the G forces reached equal that of pretty developed road race cars and wet sumps simply cannot keep up.
The dry sump system has two scavenge stages and one pressure stage.  The pump is driven off an elaborate alloy standoff from the front pulley which also has a real racing crank trigger.  You can also see the Fluidampr front harmonic balancer in this picture.  The tall Ford engine needed some minor FD legal notching of the front crossmember to fit and also required that the steering rack be moved downward for clearance. 
The stainless headers feature Roush Yates merged collectors which help broaden the powerband with no loss in top end over conventional box collectors.  As per general accepted best practices, the two cylinder banks merge with each other as close to the collectors as possible.  This generally gives better low and mid range without hurting top end.  You can see the Andrews dog shifted 4-Speed transmission here.  The Andrews is a NASCAR type transmission and is backed by a Quartermaster super low inertia triple disc clutch assembly. 
The exhaust is a 5″ oval design to maximize ground clearance.  Look at the cool skidplate that protects the Winters Quick Change rear end.
The large easy to access remote filter and Setrab oil cooler are both plumbed with XRP lightweight -10 hose.  The use of this hose throughout a build can save 20 lbs or more off the weight of the car!
A KRC power steering pump powers the stock S Chassis rack.
The huge K&N filter keeps the inlet charge clean.  The big fuel rails help reduce the chances of fuel pressure harmonics messing with individual cylinder mixture ratio at certain RPM ranges. The engine runs individual coils for each cylinder, important with the super high compression ratio and the dielectric alcohol based fuel.

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