Sneak Peek- Matt Coffman’s 2015 Formula Drift Nissan S13


That is a lot of fuel system but with the high G loads that modern pro drift cars make, it's what it takes.  Radium has off the shelf solutions that are proven to work. 
The car rides on KW Motorsport 3-Way adjustable race shocks.  The KW's give tremendous set up capability and are a huge advantage over lesser shocks.  The compression high and low speed damping adjustment is on the remote reservoir while the rebound damping is on the bottom of the strut body.  The front struts are an inverted design for extra strength and stiffness with the shock body riding on linear ball bearings for way less stiction than typical with inverted shaft designs. 3 way adjustable motorsports type shocks are becoming more and more common in drifting where they were practically unheard of just two years ago.
The front suspension uses Battle Version tension rods and lower control arms. A Progress 3-way adjustable front swaybar is used. 
Drift Works knuckles allow for greater steering angle and quicken the steering ratio.  The knuckles also lower the ride height while maintaining decent bump steer, roll centers and camber curves. 
The steering geometry is somewhat unusual for an S Chassis.  The steering rack is mounted lower to clear the big Ford engine's oil pan.  To correct the Ackerman angle the rack is also moved forward on the crossmember.  The custom inner tie rod offset spacers are used to correct bumpsteer with the lowered rack, moving the inner tie rods upward to line up with the lower control arm pivots instead of correcting Ackerman in the way that most people would use them.
Here is a closer look at the steering.  Typically the inner tie rod spacers are used to reduce Ackerman and tie rod over centering by spacing the tie rods forward instead of upward.  You can see how the rack is set into the front cross member and about an inch forward from stock to keep the Ackerman angle from getting too large at full lock.  This is pretty cool!

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