Sneak Peek- Matt Coffman’s 2015 Formula Drift Nissan S13


Like all pro drift cars, the S13 has a supportive roll cage that fully ties the chassis together.  According to FD rules, the cage cannot go through the firewall but required anti footwell intrusion bars must brace against it.
The rear of the cage ties the rear shock towers to the rest of the main cage structure.  The entire chassis is also seam welded for extra stiffness.  You can see the rebound adjuster for the KW 3-Way adjustable rear shock here.
The rear of the car contains the Firesafe fire bottle and battery box.  The battery is a Braille lithium ion battery and is super light weight. 
A Sparco steering wheel sits on a light weight racing steering column.  The stock dash or an equivalent dash that looks close to stock must be used per the rules so Matt's car uses a gutted stock dash.  A MoTeC dash display with data logger is used to keep track of things.
A Sparco Circuit seat with head protector is used.  We are glad to see that Formula D is stepping up driver protection with anti wheel well intrusion bars, HANS Devices, and head protecting seats all becoming mandatory. 
A MoTeC keypad is used in conjunction with a Motec PDM to make the wiring a snap.  All of the wiring in the car is MIL-spec. Such sophistication in drift cars was unheard of until just a couple of years ago. Now most of the top cars use Motorsport grade components.  

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