Sneak Peek- Matt Coffman’s 2015 Formula Drift Nissan S13


Seibon doors save a bunch of weight over stock.
The car's interior is well laid out.  The cage features 1.75″ tubing which is a bit larger than the 1.5″ tubing most drift car use.  We think FD should mandate the bigger tubes as the cars become faster and heavier on bigger tires.
This knob leads to a flex cable that allows on the fly driver adjustment of the front to rear brake bias by changing the fulcrum point of the balance bar. 
The Coffman Racing S13 is a truly beautiful car. The S13 is the iconic drift car.  Even now more than 25 years after it was produced the S13 is one of the most competitive drift cars ever campaigned. The S13 chassis is more competitive than ever.
Like the rear of the car, the front is chopped off in line with the front TC rod mounts and everything forward of this is replaced with a tubular structure. This is done on most pro drift cars to reduce weight and to make the cars more modular and easy to repair.   The frame rails are capped off and reinforced.  What is cool about Matt's car is that the front structure is mounted on quick release lynch pins and can be removed from the car in seconds with no tools! 
The tubular structure on Matt's car is pretty substantial and designed to be both protective and non snagging. 

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