Sneak Peek- The Mighty Tilton Evo


A large K&N air filter gets fed cold air to its carbon air box from a vent in the front left headlight cover.  Carbon wheel wells help seal the wheel well area improving the efficiency of the aero package.  You can see the air inlet for the air jack system.
The huge air to air intercooler and radiator are both fabricated by Hypertune. Ducting seals the heat exchangers to the front bumper fascia.  We are somewhat surprised that there hasn't been a more extensive effort made to manage the airflow through the heat exchangers and engine compartment. 
An ATI elastomeric super damper is used to reduce torsional whip in the crank.
It's very hard to see but the Borg Warner EFR 9180 turbo is lurking behind the purple Wiggens clamp.  The EFR turbo is the heart of the Tilton Evo's 4G63s massive 1000 hp output on 40 psi of boost.  The EFR 9180 has a 1.05 A/R twin scroll exhaust housing, a 91mm extended tip CNC machined billet compressor wheel with a 4″ inlet ported shroud compressor housing that reduces surge.  The EFR has a low friction, lag reducing, twin dual-row ceramic ball bearing center section with a super low inertia 80mm Titanium Aluminide turbine wheel that weighs an amazing 40% less than your typical inconel turbine wheel.  A investment cast stainless steel divided exhaust housing resists cracking and improves heat retention, not to mention looks better than rusty iron.  The extended tip compressor wheel, ball bearing center section, divided housing and TiAl turbine wheel work together to produce a turbo that will spool about 30-40% faster than a conventional turbo of the same size.  This allows for the drivability of a smaller turbo with the power of a larger one. The Borg Warner EFR turbo is perhaps the most technically advanced turbo on the market.
You can see one of the two Turbosmart 45mm Hypergates here.  Turbosmart wastegates are very compact and package exceedingly well. The Hypertune exhaust manifold is a pulse converter type which pair cylinders 1-4 and 2-3 together and feeds them into either side of a divided exhaust housing.  This allow the turbine to be hit with 4 discreet evenly spaced pulses which improves turbine efficiency and volumetric efficiency as well as reducing intake charge contamination on overlap by residual exhaust gases.
The front suspension uses Australia's own MCA Gold Series 3-way adjustable struts. We would like to give some of these a try as they are standard equipment on some of the fastest machines down under.  The blue and red knobs are the strut's high and low speed compression damping adjusters.

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