Sneak Peek- The Mighty Tilton Evo


You can see the super generous venting of the carbon hood here.  We feel that there can be some advantages gained by managing the airflow through the engine compartment better. 
A topside view of the hood venting.
You can see how the front splitter side diffuser sends all of its air and any high pressure air in the wheelwell along the inside of the fender and out onto this huge dual level barge board which we believe acts like a side splitter.  We think there is some CFD based magic going on here as well.  The side barge board is very elaborate.  Usually barge boards and side air traps are to manage air curling off the roof and sides of the car to prevent it from flowing under the car and reducing rear diffuser effectiveness. On the Tilton Evo we think the barge boards somehow interact with the front aero to increase overall downforce. 
You can see the complex design of the barge boards here.  Note the barge board's kickup and its own side diffuser.   Note the dual deck and the louvered exit for air that has been directed from the front of the car.  Some sort of non intuitive trickery is going on here we think.  We think a lot of this stuff also creates a large side vortex about ground level which greatly helps rear diffuser efficiency.
Complex side air management is going on all the way down the side of the car to the rear diffuser.  Look at the side detail here.   Either the Tilton team has an awesome aero guy or a stylist that can really fool us.  Voltex is credited with much of the aero but the signatures of a certain secret aero engineer are around.  Maybe John Smallberries might know.
The rear diffuser is rather straightforward with vortex generators and a faired hump for the rear diff.   It has plenty of area and should make some pretty impressive downforce.  The rear exit exhaust blows the edge of the diffuser.  The exhaust is a 3.5″ part that uses a stainless steel downpipe with the rest of it being titanium.  We wonder why the exhaust doesn't blow more of the diffuser or at least the top of the diffuser to help activate it. 

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