Sneak Peek- The Mighty Tilton Evo


A Sparco steering wheel is used.  Behind the steering wheel is some real trickiness we will talk about later!

In 2014 a Motec CDL3 dash display and shift light were used as instruments. This year the display was updated to a Motec C187.

A carbon floor is used to place the drivers feet in the right place above the AP Racing pedal box.  The car keeps it's entire intact unibody stock floor pan as per time attack rules.

A FIA approved Racetech seat with head protectors is used with a Willans HANS compatible 6 point harness.  

A Motec M800 ECU is used with power handling duties left to a Motec PDM.  A Motec E816 Data expansion box box is found here and a Motec ACL black box auxiliary data logger.

The car is powered by a super lightweight Braille lithium ion battery.  The air compressor and air tank are used for a really cool piece of hardware!


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