Sneak Peek- The Mighty Tilton Evo


We really did not like the harness mounting as explained before.  A crossbar should be added to shorten the harness run and to take all compressive loads of the seat back and driver's spine.  The radio is zip tired to the cage. 
You can see the electric power steering assist motor on the steering column and the brake and clutch reservoirs on the firewall in this shot. The boxes on the transmission tunnel are the controller and solenoids for the air shifter. 
The black box behind the driver holds the fuel cell, twin Bosch 044 fuel pumps, a surge tank and the engine's dry sump tank.
Platform control, particularly in pitch is critical in a aero dependent car. Roll control isn't as critical.
The Titlon Evo has a totally legal stock roof contour and height. 
The complexity of the front aero is real lyeasy to see here.  You can see how the details of the front splitter at the sides are designed to make really strong vortexes along the sides of the car.   These are probably the largest vortex generators we have seen on any race car, including the stalks era F1 cars!
Some of the side aero details are easier to make out in the plane view.  The rear side skirt surfaces probably make huge rear vortexes inside the vortexes generated in the front and help the rear diffuser.
The Tilton Evo is both beautiful and ugly at the same time.  It is also fast, winning WTAC in both 2014 and 2015.  

The Tilton Evo gets its speed from both its Aero and its powerful 1000 hp engine.  What is interesting is the Nemo Evo was also fast for its time with way less power producing its speed with really advanced aero.  It was controversial that the Nemo car was even legal. The contrast is that the Tilton car is well within the rules for unibody compliance. 

We hope the Tilton Evo is going to be around for a while and we will get to see it run next year in person.  We could also dream that the car will someday be brought to our Superlap Battle to run on Buttonwillow 13CW so we could see what decimation it could lay out here.  

Or maybe we don't!

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