Sneak Peek- The Mighty Tilton Evo


The trickness is:  Paddle shifting!  The Holinger six speed transmission is controlled by the MoTeC and semiauto shifted by paddles, so cool!  The rest of the powertrain consists of an AP triple disc clutch with a custom super light flywheel.
The doors are gutted and framed with Lexan windows with minimalistic venting. The inner door panels are carbon. You can see the side skirt air traps here.
The Tilton Evo's electronics are controlled by this small panel on the center tunnel.  THe blue knob controls brake bias. 
Cars with elaborate aero are super hard to jack up without damage so the TIlton Evo relies on air jacks to lift the car, a cool feature. 
A carbon dash is lightweight and simple.
Another thing we found interesting is that the TIlton Evo is seems to lack a proper fire system having only this hand held fire extinguisher zip tied to the roll cage!  We found it hard to believe that this amazing car only has this small bottle on hand for emergencies. 

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