Sneak Peek- The Mighty Tilton Evo


You can see that the upper camber plate has been rotated so it adjusts a combination of camber and caster.  The rebound damping adjuster is located at the top of the shock shaft here.
A non adjustable Whiteline front sway bar is used.  The lower control arms are made by Racefab in New Zealand.  It is hard to see but the front knuckles are CNC machined from billet and lower the car without messing up the geometry. The knuckles are made by Moorsport.  The tie rods are custom parts adjustable for bumpsteer with spherical bearing ends. 
The rear suspension uses the stock forged aluminum arms but the bushings have all been replaced with spherical bearings. The rear suspension geometry is stock. You can see the low and high speed compression adjusters on the MCA gold dampers. You can see the suspension position transducer for the car's MoTeC data logging system.
This lightweight fabricated solidly mounted mustache bar replaces the heavy stock cast iron part with its wheelhop inducing squishy rubber bushings.  The factory differential case is used with a Ralliart LSD differential. Stock axles and driveshafts are used.  The diff has a pump and cooler to maintain temperatures on the safe side as it receives just about no cooling airflow due to the car's aero package. 
An adjustable Whiteline rear swaybar is used at the rear.  It looks like it's the largest of Whiteline's offerings. 
The front brakes use six piston Alcon calipers with large floating, alloy hat AP Racing J hook rotors. Dixcel brake pads are used.

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