SuperCar Sunday



Another rare Ford!  This is my first sighting of a Ford Falcon of this era in the US.


I love the straight pipes painted flat black and the wide Hoosiers on the deep dish wheels.  Sticky tires?  I think yes.  Roll bar?  Check.  The rear diff cover is pretty heavily finned for heat rejection.  You can just see me doing the Asian squat in the reflection in the rear bumper.  Okay, I wasn’t really doing the Asian squat, I was just kneeling.


From roughly the same vintage as the Ford Falcon is this Chevy Impala.  I spy side exit exhaust!


A modern V8 with a FAST LSX intake manifold sits under the hood.  A Wilwood brake master cylinder and reservoir are used along with a nice Griffin radiator cap.  It looks like Earl’s lines and fittings are used throughout.  Did I mention how clean this car is?  Even the hood hinge things are works of art.  It appears high quality parts were used everywhere.  This car was super clean and I’d have fun cruising in it.


A McLaren was in attendance and the owner let us have a close-up look.  I’ve never noticed the ‘McLaren’ on the side sill before, which might be because I’ve never seen one with the door open before.  Mike of Skullworks and JC of AEM observe a guy sorta doing the Asian squat.


JC, Mike, and Mitch of MP Tuning discuss the attributes of the TVR-esque butt on the Perana.


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