SuperCar Sunday



It has, ahem, larger than standard racing seats to fit the gentlemen racers.  I think you could fit an Alonso plus half a Massa in that seat.


These Ferrari Challenge cars are remarkably stock aside from the safety equipment and race specific electronics added.


I don’t know what it is about big brakes, but I love them.  Maybe it’s because they can generally generate way more power than the engine can.  These are the carbon ceramic variety and they often glow on track.  


The one thing that really struck me about the cars at SuperCar Sunday is their seriousness about going fast.  It’s all go with this group as evidenced by the sticky rubber, big horsepower, bolstered seats, and roll bars.  I imagine part of it has to do with the proximity of the Santa Monica Mountains having an abundance of twisty roads to ramble through.  On the occasional Sunday morning when I’m grabbing brunch at The Rock Store, I’ll see cars coming from SuperCar Sunday caravanning through.  Pretty show queen cars need not apply as it’s all business in this area.  So for those of you who may live in the northern half of LA, don’t enjoy waking up before the sun comes up on a Saturday, and can relate to guys who put gummy rubber to use, I suggest a visit to SuperCar Sunday.

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