SuperCar Sunday



Another pair of oddities are these Lamborghini Miuras.


Hey, when living near Malibu, it’s nice to have a buggy.


As it was Ferrari Day, I suppose I should show a few.


Here is the evolution of rear diffuser design on Ferrari’s classic mid-engine car platforms.  Starting from the top and moving down: 360, 430 Scuderia, 458.  The 360 appears to have the longest tunnel, but no vertical strakes and there’s also the lower suspension arm poking into the air stream.  The 430 Scuderia has a shorter diffuser, but with vertical strakes added in to aid effectiveness.  Engine bay exhaust heat vents out above the diffuser.  The 458 has a lower angle diffuser which should help its effectiveness vs. the 430 as the lower angle should help the flow stay attached to the diffuser surface improving efficiency.  Or something like that, someone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. 


A few older Ferrari’s were lined up.  They remind me of the TV show “Magnum PI”. 


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