SuperCar Sunday



I suppose the FF is Ferrari’s interpretation of a family car.  I did see one down in Irvine with a kid in the back seat (no adult will fit back there).  The dad was romping on it too.    


No matter your thoughts on the body style, there’s no denying the awesomeness that is the V12 under the long hood.  This car happens to be chassis number 187835 according to the little silver plate with the prancing horse on it next to the hood latch.  How long has Ferrari been around?  Doesn’t Honda crank out that many Civics in half a year? 


I do love the 458, but check out that ’64 250!


It looked like it came straight off the showroom floor.  The interior was immaculate too.


A Ferrari Challenge 458 was on display.  ‘Gentlemen’ drivers race these in the Ferrari specific series.


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