Supercharging the Nissan VQ35DE with Vortech!


This is the Dynapack’s power absorption unit and water cooled hydraulic fluid reservoir.
With our first tuning pulls, it was apparent that our motor was going to be strong.  The Vortech immediately maxed out the stock MAF at 340 whp and 5000 rpm.  The solution was to install UpRev’s GT MAF.  The GT MAF is calibrated to meter to 500 hp of airflow.  This was a lot easier than trying to fabricate a new MAF tube or fit and wire up a larger MAF.
The GT MAF had to be rescaled which was no problem for Shawn and he soon had thing running perfectly. Now it was time to do some tuning.  The UpRev system lets you do map tracing so you can overlay your air fuel ratio of the run to the map and tweak the map directly. Shawn tuned our fuel table so our car would run an AFR of about 11.5:1 through most of the wider throttle opening load cells.
The spark tables were tuned so the knock count would be zero through the map.  This was less knock count than a stock motor and stock tune sees on our poor 91 octane fuel.
The VQ35DE pumped out an easy 413 whp and 337 lb/ft of torque.  This is a whopping close to 100 more whp than our naturally aspirated build!  As a note Shawn Church really detuned the engine to spare the stock internals!  Our first tuned pull made about 440 whp cleanly to only about 7000 rpm but fearing for our stock pistons and connecting rods, Shawn aborted the pull.  He then turned down the rev limit to 7200 rpm and started to retard the timing and richen the fuel before the rev limiter so the power would trail off.  Centrifugal blowers tend to have a powerband that climbs sharply right to the rev limit so Shawn wanted to have the power sag slightly to give the driver a cue to shift.

Our Vortech system is brimming with potential.  In this detuned state, it makes gobs of power. With stronger rods and forged slightly lower compression pistons allowing us to safely run the engine up to redline, the engine will continue to pull to at least 440 whp no problem.

If we were to also add some mild cams and valve springs to the mix and up the boost with a different pulley, we feel that this combination should be able to rock into the high 400 whp range or even touch 500 whp on pump gas!

Let’s hope that the cars owner will let us do it very soon!





Church Automotive Testing



  1. This was the best G35 Supercharge article. I wish you had a YouTube video channel.

    Out of curiosity. I have a 2003 G35 Auto. If I supercharged my car (as it’s an auto transmission), do you think that I would have any issues with the rev limiter?

  2. I know this is a crazy question, but I have a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder with the same engine in it that I would love to give more power and a supercharger would be perfect as it would also help with the normal power loss of running a NA engine at altitude (I live in Colorado between 6000-9500 ft) would this kit work on a Pathfinder? Is it available? Do you know of anyone who could do this install? Thanks! Tim

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