Supercharging the Nissan VQ35DE with Vortech!


The power steering cooler was moved to make room for the front mount intercooler.
The cooler is relocated lower.
Using the included bracket and hardware, the intercooler is installed using existing holes
The Supercharger is bolted to the bracket with the intermediate belt.  We can also install the charge pipe from the intercooler exit to the throttle body.  The airflow meter is relocated to the front of the throttle body past the bypass valve at this time as well.
You can see how the intermediate shaft drives the blower allowing it to be sat further back from the front of the engine saving several inches of precious space.  Look how close it is to the core support.
Care must be taken when installing the intake pipe, look how close it comes to the intermediate shaft.


  1. This was the best G35 Supercharge article. I wish you had a YouTube video channel.

    Out of curiosity. I have a 2003 G35 Auto. If I supercharged my car (as it’s an auto transmission), do you think that I would have any issues with the rev limiter?

  2. I know this is a crazy question, but I have a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder with the same engine in it that I would love to give more power and a supercharger would be perfect as it would also help with the normal power loss of running a NA engine at altitude (I live in Colorado between 6000-9500 ft) would this kit work on a Pathfinder? Is it available? Do you know of anyone who could do this install? Thanks! Tim

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