Supercharging the Nissan VQ35DE with Vortech!


The new injectors were fitted to the rails.
The new injectors were installed and the disassembly sequence reversed.
The upper and lower intake plenums were installed and it was time to get the car running.
We took the car to Church Automotive Testing to have our factory ECU reflashed using UpRev’s Osiris tuning suite.  The tuner purchases a tuning license from UpRev which allows him to unlock your factory ECU.  To start tuning Shawn Church first spent some time dialing in the injector sizing and air flow meter correction tables to enable our car to easily start and run.  Shawn has tons of experience tuning the VQ35DE and has tuned this combination before so everything went very smoothly. Next the car was hooked up to the Dynopack chassis dyno to do some wide open and part throttle tuning.
Keeping decent airflow through the car’s radiator and engine compartment is important and Church uses this huge fan to ensure proper safe airflow.


  1. This was the best G35 Supercharge article. I wish you had a YouTube video channel.

    Out of curiosity. I have a 2003 G35 Auto. If I supercharged my car (as it’s an auto transmission), do you think that I would have any issues with the rev limiter?

  2. I know this is a crazy question, but I have a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder with the same engine in it that I would love to give more power and a supercharger would be perfect as it would also help with the normal power loss of running a NA engine at altitude (I live in Colorado between 6000-9500 ft) would this kit work on a Pathfinder? Is it available? Do you know of anyone who could do this install? Thanks! Tim

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