Team America World Time Attack – ARK Design’s BNR32 Skyline GT-R Part 7


AC welding like you use for aluminum is super loud and sputtery.  I don't like it although I don't weld myself. Gary can crank out some ultra nice welds though.
The completed lower pan with the integral engine mounts.  It's pretty clean but I wonder if the cast upper pan can take the loading of the engine's torque?  It is closer to the crank's centerline than the stock mount bosses and there is a smaller moment.  Tyler says no problem.
Eric with the completed water crossover tube.  All excess water exits for the heater, etc have been blocked off.
The water inlets have been ported to improve flow. Eric stresses the importance of water flow a lot.
With the sub assemblies done, Eric starts to dress the motor.
A peek at the Cosworth bottom end.  We see Carrillo rods and a extensively treated WPC stock crank. Eric says the rod bolts are some crazy ex-Cosworth F1 or Champcar multi-phase alloy bolts made by Pankl. The HR crank is stout with large journals and plenty of overlap.  This is one of the reasons why Eric chose to stay with the VQ35HR crank instead of the VQ37VHR crank.


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