Team America World Time Attack – ARK Design’s BNR32 Skyline GT-R Part 7


The front end with the alloy support stays that hold it in place.  Light but plenty stiff and strong enough to support aero loads. The splitter will have its own independent support going directly to the chassis.
Here is the modified front end.  It currently looks a bit crude but it is rushed.
The rear trunk tinwork all painted and ready to install.
Here is a look at the completed trunk panels and the wing supports.
So I get a really pissed off voice mail from Eric in the morning about “what the f___ did you guys design for the shock bodies, you can't be serious?”.  We had gone over how we could extend our KW shock bodies for the new front suspension configuration and done a quick sketch.  Gary discussed how to make our shock body extension with the machine shop who then made the massive pieces on the right that looked like a bomb detonator tip and weighed an amazing 13 lbs.  The machine shop had carved it out of solid steel!  No wonder why Eric was pissed.  Gary then had to fab up the extension on the left out of 4130 tubing that weighed more like 3 lbs.  Long term KW will make some proper alloy shock bodies but these will have to do for now.
Chris assembles our hastily modified KW's.


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