Team America World Time Attack – ARK Design’s BNR32 Skyline GT-R Part 7


Katsu installs the high durometer urethane engine mount inserts.  Gary used identical inserts for the transmission as well.  They are a lot harder than the stock rubber to minimize movement but still absorb some vibration and give some tolerance for misalignment, etc.
Here are the steel saddle mounts attached to the motor mounts.
Katsu and Tyler test fitting the engine to the subframe.  This is the first time actual parts were used.  Fortunately it all fit.
The engine nearly ready to install.
Our Greddy Type-R intercooler.  The Greddy core is ultra light and very efficient especially when compared to an industrial or Chinese boat anchor bar and plate heat exchanger repurposed as an intercooler. Gary and crew will be ducting the intercooler and radiator with ducts to direct air through the front of the car and out an exit vent on the hood. This should be good for drag and aero.
We are going to reuse the custom dual pass C&R radiator that was used with the old RB26.  The difference is that the heavier radiator will be mounted lower.


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