Team America World Time Attack – ARK Design’s BNR32 Skyline GT-R Part 7


A look at the Cosworth CNC ported VQ35DE head's exhaust port.  The heads feature big valves. The engines are a HR and DE frankenstien deal. Look for a full story on the engine by Eric a little later.  
Eric lays down a bead of Three Bond OEM sealer.  Three Bond is awesome stuff, it kicks Permatex ass.  Katsu got the stuff from Japan, but I think you can get it in Torrance somewhere.
Eric applies some Royal Purple Maxfilm lube to an oil pump fitting.  It's a multipurpose synthetic penetrating lubricant, but Eric uses it for EVERYTHING.  He swears by this stuff. 
Oh crap.  After installing the pan we noticed that the ARP main cap studs were now interfering with the shaft from the front diff to the right axle!  Eric had to pull the pan off and shorten the main studs.
The Holinger transmission all dressed and ready to go.  You can see our Tyler Hara designed adapter plate on the bellhousing.

A Multiplate OS Giken clutch, flywheel and pressure plate were used.  With a solid steel basket, the OS Giken clutch is not the lowest mass thing in the world but we have had always had excellent prior experiences with their products so we are once again using them. Sometimes you cannot beat reliability. The flywheel is a custom unit made by Clutch Masters in Rialto, CA. Tyler worked with Luis to modify a standard HR flywheel to fit the OS clutch with our adapter plate.


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