TESTED: HANS Adjustable and Sparco Harness



The new HANS adjustable is made from a metal matrix Thixotropic molded construction before a polymer coating is applied. This DuPont Zytel® coating makes the Adjustable HANS extremely fire-resistant.


HANS back shot

All HANS Adjustables are metal matrix Thixotropic molded and DuPont Zytel® for strength and fire resistance


HANS Adjustable close up
The harness retention valley.  In orange is part of the adjustment assembly that makes this the most comfortable HANS device yet.


While heavier than the Sport II model (770g), the HANS Adjustable still weighs a relatively light 970g.  The 10 to 40 degree adjustment (in 5 degree increments) allows for one device to be used across multiple vehicles, and also allows drivers of vehicles with 15 degree or 25 degree setbacks to be more comfortable while strapped in.


hans adjustable, adjusting increments


As with all HANS devices, driver comfort and safety is enhanced by padding under the legs to cushion the driver, and the size range will fit a wide variety of driver shapes and sizes (size M or L fit 90% of all drivers).


HANS Adjustable Padding
The underside of both legs are covered in soft fire-resistant padding


The hardware used to attached the legs to the main piece leave no doubt that ensuring the piece stays together during a major wreck was a paramount concern.  Splines are used to prevent slippage, and beautifully machined and beefy hardware holds it together. 


hans, hans adjustable, leg hardware 

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