TESTED: HANS Adjustable and Sparco Harness



First things first.  You'll need to locate the spots where you'll be permanently altering your helmet, and this is obviously the most crucial step.  Start by putting masking tape around the back of your helmet approximately 1″ from the bottom so you don't scribble all over your helmet when marking and re-marking where you're about to drill your holes.  


HANS Helmet anchor install
Masking tape means no permanent marks on the helmet.


Next, make three marks near the center 1.5″ up from the bottom  and connect them with a line.  Take a flexible ruler (what you'd see at an alteration shop) and make a mark on the line an equal distance from the visor mounting holes on each side.



HANS Helmet Anchor install step 2
Use a reference point that exists in the same spot on both sides of the helmet.  My flexible rule had a neat rivet hole in one end that was perfect for centering over the visor bolt for accurate measurement.


Make a mark halfway between your two marks in the previous step, and measure 6″ forward of that middle mark to each side of your helmet, making a vertical line in the masking tape. 


HANS Adjustable Helmet Anchor install step 3
The critical step.  Measuring a dozen or two times is recommended.


Measure 1.5″ from the bottom of your helmet near your markings, and make a horizontal line.  X marks the spot where you'll make some pretty permanent holes in your helmet.  Feel free to second-guess yourself by going back through the steps 14 times and take the average between the markings before drilling.


HANS Adjustable Helmet Anchor Install step 5
X marks the spot.  Unlike pirates, you don't get to try again if you fail.


Hopefully, you've got two holes 6″ forward from the center of your helmet (the back, dummy) to insert your anchors into.  HANS against comes through by providing special tools that make the install really simple.


HANS Adjustable Tools
Our HANS Adjustable came with all the tools necessary to install the helmet anchors, save drill and bit.


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