TESTED: HANS Adjustable and Sparco Harness




hans, hans adjustable, leg removal
Splines ensure no slippage is allowed between the legs and center piece of the HANS adjustable.  The pink anodized bit is actually the removal tool for the recessed bolt clamping the leg to the splined piece.


hans, hans adjustable, leg removal tool


HANS Adjustable


Of course, the HANS Adjustable is SFI 38.1 compliant, and is approved by all sanctioning bodies requiring a SFI 38.1 head restraint save NASCAR, which is currently in the process of approving the HANS Adjustable for use.


HANS SFI 38.1 Label



Since I still have a perfectly good and legal, but not HANS ready, SA2005 helmet, it would not be a simple matter of simply bolting the HANS tethers to my helmet and calling it a day.  Nope, I'd have to drill some holes in a perfectly good helmet and make sure I didn't mess up.  Measure fourteen times, drill once, or something like that. 


hans tether system, hans anchors


The process itself is fairly straightforward, but the idea of drilling holes had the kind of permanence that made me exceedingly nervous.  Luckily, HANS provided instructions for locating the spot to drill the holes with a fairly straightforward method.  However, the instructions themselves reminded us of those questions in grade school that involved trains leaving differing locations at differing speeds, and required some re-re-reading to fully understand – again, once you drill a hole in your helmet, you can't say “just kidding!” and try again.  Luckily for you, we've gone through the effort of giving you real pictures of each step instead of tiny graphic illustrations that combine a couple of steps, reducing your reading comprehension requirements to about a 4th grade level.  Hooray for you!


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