Testing Feal 441 Suspension for the B13 Sentra SE-R!


Next, the rebound christmas tree is assembled and the piston is tightened to the shaft using the capped nut. 

The black spacers on the shaft are top out spacers that limit the droop travel and maintain piston to top nut overlap, assuring that the shock stays nice and stiff under side load. The piston has an oversized, large surface area, low friction DU band bushing for long life and low friction. 


The Feal top nut uses and oversized low friction DU style bearing for the shaft and special low friction pressure seals to reduce the shocks internal friction. DU bearings are a metal-polymer bearing designed for heavy sliding loads.

Odi is very proud of the effort he made to make sure that these details were done using the best parts. Internal friction reduces a damper's effectiveness and can cause tire shock and reduced grip. 


Here is the completed assembled shaft with the Piston and valve stack, the top out spacers, the vented top spacer and the top nut all ready for assembly. 

Odi does a quick test fit of the shaft assembly into the shock tube.

The shaft is test fitted into the tube before filling as a quality control check to assure that the piston and other parts are correctly assembled and have the correct tolerances.

Next, the shock body is filled with the correct amount of special synthetic shock fluid. This fluid is designed not to foam, to lubricate well and to maintain consistent viscosity over a wide range of temperatures. 

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