Testing Feal 441 Suspension for the B13 Sentra SE-R!


The Feal lower mounts have OEM style provisions for the brake likes, ABS sensors, and anti-sway bar mounts so they can be an easy bolt in. 

The upper bolt hole for the strut to knuckle mount is slotted so camber can be adjusted in the lower position. This way the camber plate can be used for fine adjustment and set in the same place from left to right, keeping the kingpin inclination angle the same from right to left. 


The Feal front strut is much shorter than the fabbed up housing with the Koni yellows that we originally had in the car.  We can get the car lower and have a good amount of bump travel, fixing issue number one of the SE-R suspension- a lack of wheel travel. 

The rear Feal strut is much shorter than the Koni Red, stock housing, Hyperco rear strut we had, again allowing us to lower the car without losing travel. 

The Feal front struts went in easily without a hitch. 

To get the car sitting where we wanted it to be and to get the droop we wanted, we messed with both the ride height and spring preload slightly.

The rear struts went in perfectly as well.

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