Testing Feal 441 Suspension for the B13 Sentra SE-R!


The spring installed length is measured and the preload set. 

The lower spring seat and lock ring are turned to set the installed length and spring preload on each Feal coilover.

A real plus that shows Feal's commitment to quality is that each and every Feals damper is run on a shock dyno to assure that the valve stack and the rest of the shock were assembled correctly and that everything is to spec. 

The shock dyno measures damping force over shock piston velocity so that a good estimation of how the shock will react under all driving conditions can be obtained. Speeds of 0-3 inches per second are low-speed damping and control body movement. Speeds of 3-6 inches per second are mid-speed damping and control larger body motions that the driver usually perceives as float. Speeds higher than that are considered to be high-speed damping and affects how bumps are absorbed or curb hits. 

The shock tuners tailor the dyno curve to give the shock the response that is appropriate to the car, tire combo, and the driver's preference by making changes in the shocks valving to affect the curve.


The dyno readout of our shocks shows a nice digressive curve.  Compression is at the top and rebound on the bottom.

The Feal coilovers are single adjustable with most of the adjustment affecting the rebound. The spring preload and ride height are set independently which is great for corner balancing, as balancing has no effect on the preload. 

If you are so inclined and want to spend the money, Feal can easily build you some sophisticated world class 2 and 3-way adjustable dampers. They can easily be built using Feal's basic knocked down kit but adding the additional modules for adjustment. 


The shock body is protected by an anti-corrosive coating which prevents the lock rings and spring seats from seizing. 

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