Testing Feal 441 Suspension for the B13 Sentra SE-R!


The brake lines were clipped in place and the anti-sway bar hooked up.

Martin fine-tunes the ride height.

Our initial impressions of the Feal 411 coilovers was that we were impressed much beyond our expectations. Our ride was greatly improved, with more damping and stiffer springs we were surprised to find that our car now rides better than ever even with close to 3x the stock spring rate!

A lot of this is due to the digressive damping curve compared to the old school linear curve of our old Konis which tended to feel both stiff and floaty at the same time. We have tried just about all of the available suspension options over the years and the Feal Suspension 441's definitely come out on top.

With Feal's optional custom spring rates and shock valving readily available, as each set of Feal 441's are hand built to order, the pot is definitely sweetened.  Look for a future article as we will be completely refreshing the SE-R's suspension, doing the chassis setup and taking the car out to do a track evaluation of the Feal 441 where they will excel over everything previously offered for the chassis! 



Feal Suspension


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