Testing Feal 441 Suspension for the B13 Sentra SE-R!


Next, its time to put the front struts together. The strut to chassis mounts are installed on the shock tube.  A little grease applied to the mount will ensure that it will not get stuck if it needs to be adjusted or disassembled later. 

When the springs and top hats are installed the bump stops are also installed.  Feal's bump stops are microcellular polyurethane which gives a soft progressive end to the wheels travel. If the suspension bottoms in a turn, this is more predictable than suddenly bottoming out. 

A rubber dust boot protects the shaft and seals from abrasion induced by dirt, water, and mud. 

The front strut is almost ready for the top hat and camber plate to be installed. 

The top hat is installed with the spring thrust bearing.

Finally, the top nut is tightened down, lightly tapping it with an impact wrench. 


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