The Best of 2021, #4: Testing The CSF VF Engineering A90 A91 Supra Intake Manifold Intercooler

CSF Radiators in collaboration with VF Engineering is about to launch a new intake manifold for the A90 and A91 Toyota Supra with both the B58B30C and B58M30O1 engines – and BMWs with the same engines.  The new intake manifold not only features better flow but a much larger than stock internal water-to-air intercooler for improved charge-air cooling for great potential power gains.  We were lucky enough to do a performance evaluation on the new manifold.  Read on for a close look at the manifold and see the test results.

During the R&D process, the stock manifold, engine, and engine bay were 3D scanned to determine how much space there was in the engine bay to fit a new manifold without interfering with any component.

The intake manifold was designed using CAD with the scanned data of the engine and engine compartment inputted to make sure that the new intake manifold would not interfere with anything under the hood. Finally, a full-scale model of the manifold was 3D printed. For easier revisions, the 3D printing was done in several pieces which were glued together to form an accurate representation of the manifold.  The 3D printed mock-up is sturdy enough to bolt in place and to attach all the OEM fittings to assure that the design is valid before any metal is cut.  Any issues with fit were corrected in the CAD and revised printed mockups were fitted until everything was perfect.

The manifold’s internal geometry was designed using CFD or Computational Fluid Dynamics software to assure that it would have the maximum amount of flow with equal airflow to all 6 cylinders.

Here we have the stock manifold on the left, one of the finalized 3D Printed mock-ups in the middle, and a fully functional billet prototype manifold on the right.   We will be dyno testing one of the prototypes.


  1. We have been getting updates on a weekly basis that the manifold will be officially released today and shipping will take place on the next day.
    However for some reason the shipping has been pished till the end of July… well they said that they are still testing it!??!
    Testing?! As per this artical and all the people involved in this project testing was done and products are ready for shipping!
    Can we please get an honest update on why there is a delay and when can we expect to get this manifold…

  2. Great piece of engineering. I wonder how long before 3D printable plastic versions will completely negate the need for something like billet aluminum CNC parts though. Exciting times.

  3. nice! another reason for me to get a A90/A91 Supra. another example of this new chassis demostrating its potential.

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