The Best of 2021, #4: Testing The CSF VF Engineering A90 A91 Supra Intake Manifold Intercooler

This is with just by changing manifolds and no other changes.  The power gains would have been a lot greater if the engine was tuned to take advantage of the lower charge temps and the improved compressor efficacy.  If the boost was turned up and more advanced ignition timing was tolerated the gains would be much greater.  We expect to see even greater gains with bigger turbos and more boost with this manifold.

Another positive gain was that when we did something over 20 consecutive pulls with the stock intake manifold, the engine’s ECU would start to derate the engine’s power.  The power would drop by about 30 hp in a sort of soft limp mode.  With the cooler temps of the CSF/VF intake manifold, the power stayed consistent no matter how many pulls we did.  This power drop is something that track-driven Supra owners have noted and the CSF/VF Manifold eliminates this in dyno testing.

After this test, the Studio RSR guys did a time attack at Autoclub Speedway in Fontana which is a large roval with high top speeds and extended time at wide-open throttle.  The air temperature was in the 90’s and they easily won their class and set a personal best time for the car even with the hot weather.  They reported no detectable power loss on the track when before the car would lose power once the engine was really hot.

Overall the CSF/VF Engineering intake manifold is a big win and we would wholeheartedly recommend it.  We also feel that it is a near mandatory item for any track-driven A90 or A91 Supra (and many BMW models!).  The limited-edition manifold in CNC machined billet shown here will be available by the time you read this.

CSF A90/91 Toyota Supra & BMW B58 limited edition “Super Manifold”
CSF #8200
MSRP / MAP – $4,299 USD

A more inexpensive cast version of the manifold should be out by November.


CSF Radiators

VF Engineering

Studio RSR


  1. We have been getting updates on a weekly basis that the manifold will be officially released today and shipping will take place on the next day.
    However for some reason the shipping has been pished till the end of July… well they said that they are still testing it!??!
    Testing?! As per this artical and all the people involved in this project testing was done and products are ready for shipping!
    Can we please get an honest update on why there is a delay and when can we expect to get this manifold…

  2. Great piece of engineering. I wonder how long before 3D printable plastic versions will completely negate the need for something like billet aluminum CNC parts though. Exciting times.

  3. nice! another reason for me to get a A90/A91 Supra. another example of this new chassis demostrating its potential.

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