The Best of 2021, #4: Testing The CSF VF Engineering A90 A91 Supra Intake Manifold Intercooler

Our thermocouples were wired to an AEM Electronics CAN sensor module to convert their 0-5 volt analog signal to digital CAN protocol.

All of our digitized data was then sent from the CAN module to an AEM Electronics CD5 Display/data logger to record our temperatures.

Our test protocol was to do back-to-back dyno pulls as fast as the dyno could reset while monitoring temperatures, recoding data, and repeating the pulls until the entire intercooler system reached temperature equilibrium.  Power was monitored for each run as well. Temperature and power data for all runs were collected.

After the stock manifold was tested, we added the temperature sensors to the CSF/VF intake manifold, installed it on the engine, and reran the test.

We monitored the temperatures in real-time to get an idea of when the system stabilization temperature was reached.


  1. We have been getting updates on a weekly basis that the manifold will be officially released today and shipping will take place on the next day.
    However for some reason the shipping has been pished till the end of July… well they said that they are still testing it!??!
    Testing?! As per this artical and all the people involved in this project testing was done and products are ready for shipping!
    Can we please get an honest update on why there is a delay and when can we expect to get this manifold…

  2. Great piece of engineering. I wonder how long before 3D printable plastic versions will completely negate the need for something like billet aluminum CNC parts though. Exciting times.

  3. nice! another reason for me to get a A90/A91 Supra. another example of this new chassis demostrating its potential.

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