The Best of 2021, #4: Testing The CSF VF Engineering A90 A91 Supra Intake Manifold Intercooler

Although the B58 engine is fueled by direct cylinder injection, The CSF/VF manifold has provisions for direct port injection as well for those who need to add additional fuel capacity.  This means you do not have to try to do difficult modifications to the high-pressure fuel pump to get more fuel when tuning for a lot of power.  It also means you can get excellent inter cylinder cooling with its gains in detonation resistance and VE improvements that direct injection offers with additional evaporative charge cooling from the port injection.  The manifold not only has a fuel rail but is machined with bungs for port injectors.  These bungs come plugged so if you want to add the injectors later, just remove the plugs.

It’s a little hard to see but the water-to-air intercooler brick inside CSF/VF manifold has almost twice the frontal area of the stock part.  The brick is also about 50% thicker.  This is going to result in both better charge cooling and less inlet restriction for the turbo to work against.

The CSF/VF manifold also has 1/8 NPT threaded bosses for Nitrous or methanol direct port injection if you are inclined to use it.  Nitrous is popular in both drag racing and drifting to help spool the turbo faster.

In this picture, you can see the bosses for both the port injectors and the nitrous nozzles which are the internally threaded bosses.

Here is another view showing the orientation of the port injection bosses on top and the nitrous nozzle bosses below.


  1. We have been getting updates on a weekly basis that the manifold will be officially released today and shipping will take place on the next day.
    However for some reason the shipping has been pished till the end of July… well they said that they are still testing it!??!
    Testing?! As per this artical and all the people involved in this project testing was done and products are ready for shipping!
    Can we please get an honest update on why there is a delay and when can we expect to get this manifold…

  2. Great piece of engineering. I wonder how long before 3D printable plastic versions will completely negate the need for something like billet aluminum CNC parts though. Exciting times.

  3. nice! another reason for me to get a A90/A91 Supra. another example of this new chassis demostrating its potential.

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