The Car Lovers Guide to Japan, The Nissan Heritage Museum

The good old Nissan Bluebird or to us the Datsun 510.  This is one of the first cars I tinkered with as a kid! This is the sporty SSS Bluebird.

ThIs the twin SU carburetor Triple S version of the L16 motor and when we were kids, this was the first hybrid swap done on Imports. You got rid of your L16 engine and you could get one of these from a JDM junkyard for about $300 bucks.  It has a hotter cam, twin carbs and more compression.  It had about 120 hp vs the stock 90 and made a big difference!

Here is a Fairlady 2000 Roadster from 1967. At this time Nissan was blossoming with lots of performance models in the same way it did in the 90’s. I wish that Nissan would turn around and return to the type of thinking it had in the late 60’s-early 70’s and the 90’s when they made some of the best cars in the world. The Fairlady is powered by the U20 engie which was a pushrod OHV 2 liter engine graced with twin 44mm Mikuni Solex sidedrafts putting out 145 hp.

Here is the first of the Fairladies, the great granddaughter of the Z.  It was introduced in 1962 and has a 1500cc pushrod OHV version of the U family that was derived from the old 50’s Austin patterns. This was the last of the english derived Nissan pushrod engines.

For you Z fans, this is the baddest Z of all times and in typical Nissan fashion it was never brought here, the Fairlady Z 432! It is a PS30 chassis like the original Z but is has the s20 2 liter triple carbed 160 hp, 4 valve per cylinder, DOHC engine and 5 speed transmission found in the Skyline GT-R!  The S20 was a cutting edge engine at the time.  Man if we could have only gotten them here….


  1. The first couple of cars are actually based on Austin 7. It’s an evolution of that model. As for the BTCC Nissan Primera: That brigs back memories. I used to work on that one. There are actually parts bearing my anagram.

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