The Car Lovers Guide to Japan, The Nissan Heritage Museum

Of course for B chassis freaks, I had to include the ultimate B chassis, the Pulsar GTI-R.  AWD 54C ITB equipped SR20DET powered. These were built for WRC homologation.

Here is the cleanest B13 ever!  Just had to show it.  No SE-R’s were made for the Japanese market though.

The R33 GT-R was the next GT-R in the lineage. More refined, more power and better handling but bigger and heavier.  It was still faster than the R32.

The R34 was the last classic GT-R powered by an inline six. This was the most developed version of the RB26DETT and perhaps the last GT-R with technical ties back to the original.  This is a super rare R34 V-Spec II Nur edition one of about 718 built.  The Nur spec had the N1 racing version of the RB26DETT which was generally beefed up and had larger turbos, bigger brakes and stiffer suspension.

Of course I had to show this Cherry P10 Primera for Martin.


  1. The first couple of cars are actually based on Austin 7. It’s an evolution of that model. As for the BTCC Nissan Primera: That brigs back memories. I used to work on that one. There are actually parts bearing my anagram.

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