The Car Lovers Guide to Japan, The Nissan Heritage Museum

Another Hakosuka GT-R prepped for racing.  I wonder why there were no racing coupes at the museum?  Look at the tiny, tiny roll bar.  Safety has come a long way since the 60’s!

Here is the inspiration for Colemans Rally Beater.  The original African Safari Rally Beater!  I bet Dave would love to see the original in person.

I was surprised to see a run of the mill CBA R35 GT-R in the museum. These are sort of a common car here.

Here is a Bolt GT-R which was done as a collaboration with Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man and Gold Medal Winner. It is basically a regular GT-R with special paint and interior colors.  Supposedly two were made, one owned by Usain Bolt, the other owned by a guy in Australia but here is one in the Nissan museum. Did Nissan buy one back?   Was a third car made? I dunno.

Here is a Group 5 S110 race car. Group 5 was a Silhouette class where some parts of the body had to remain stock but the rest of the aero was pretty open. These cars were the inspiration of today’s Boso cars.


  1. The first couple of cars are actually based on Austin 7. It’s an evolution of that model. As for the BTCC Nissan Primera: That brigs back memories. I used to work on that one. There are actually parts bearing my anagram.

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