The DeltaWing Revisited


The DeltaWing design originally had one large front tire.  As built, the car has two super narrow front tires with unconventional equal length A arm suspension. The DeltaWing specs list that the suspension is unequal length A arms but they are very close to equal length. The arms are pretty short and the front suspension has a high roll center and a lot of geometric anti roll.  There is very little negative camber gain in the front geometry.  What this means on this sort of car is unknown or we have no idea but it is very different from a conventional race car.  There are no rocker arms or anything fancy in the front suspension.

Since the front of the car is all faired in, the suspension is completely out of the air flow and there is little aerodynamic loading of the front of the car, there is little need for repositioned shocks or a rising rate force curve. 

With no linkage, the front shocks are simply mounted to the chassis on the top and the lower control arm near the upright, clean simple and lightweight.


There is a lot of Anti Ackerman in the front steering geometry as well as noted by the tie rod angle and the unusually shaped steering knuckles.  We won't pretend to know why this is so.  A lot of open wheel race cars have Anti Ackerman geometry but we have never seen it to this degree.   It might have something to do with slip angle distribution with close coupled tires or the use of a steering box rather than a rack and pinion. 
The front underbody of the car is a single keel design and remarkably devoid of aerodynamic features. 
The front suspension pivots about the middle of the front module and the steering appears to use a conventional steering box and an arrangement sort of like a drag link to translate motion to the tie rods. Perhaps this is the reason for the odd geometry as the tie rod motion ratio changes a lot through the arc of steering.  The shocks are 4 way adjustable bespoke Penske units. There is no anti roll bar in the front suspension.
The rear suspension is conventional unequal length A arms with push rods to a rising rate rocker.  This is pretty normal open wheel stuff.  The front roll center is probably higher than the rear which is odd in prototypes but normal in F1 cars for aerodynamic reasons. 
The rear shocks are 4 way adjustable Penske's. A rear blade type anti roll bar couples the sides of the suspension together via the rocker arms and makes for easy adjustability. 

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