The DeltaWing Revisited


The front brakes are made by Performance Friction and are small and lightweight due to the minimal loading from the thin tires and heavy rearward weight bias. The front rotors are vented carbon carbon and are only 11″ in diameter and 0.71″ thick.  

The calipers are 4 piston monoblock and are machined to be minimalistic and lightweight. Most cars have an 80% front brake bias but the the DeltaWing has a super unusual 40% front brake bias due to the 73% rear weight bias!  This is the reason why the car can get away with such small and lightweight front brakes.


The rear brakes are also made by Performance Friction and feature 12″ vented carbon carbon rotors.  The rotors are 0.98' thick. The DeltaWing is so light at 1360 lbs even the rear brakes don't have to be that big!
The rear caliper is a Performance Friction 4 piston unit.  It has been machined to minimize weight. 
The pedal box is custom made and bolted directly to the floor of the carbon tub. AP cylinders are used.  Everything is super light and pared down to the minimum. 
Everything is so small light and compact.  Look at the tiny balance bar for the brakes.  Check out the carbon fiber stiffening brace for the brake cylinders that is bonded directly to the tub floor. 
Current P1 cars are required to have closed cockpits due to rules changes.  We agree with this and feel that it will result in greatly improved driver safety. The Deltawing has a very compact cockpit with minimal frontal area. The main tub of the car is carbon fiber as per the usual practice for race cars nowadays.

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