The DeltaWing Revisited


In previous versions of the DeltaWing we have not noticed many aerodynamic features. However the Coupe version 2 has some in the nose section.  We were told that these features are only in the street circuit aero package. 

The nose has these small winglets with vortex generators and end plates.  We think that the design of the winglets is critical so as not to upset the BLAT vortex generator ground effects system of the sides of the main body of the car. 


The front winglets are really small when compared to a conventional race car. Supposedly the aero balance of the car is 28% front and 72% rear so this is believable. 
Looking underneath the nose you can see that there are small tunnels under the nose to help produce downforce.  The nose also does double duty as a crash force attenuator to help pass the FIA crash test.
Another look at the nose section tunnels.  The brown things are Jabroc skid plates.  Jabroc is a super expensive tough German pressed wood laminated with unicorn tears. Pegasus racing sells the stuff if you need some. 
The front wheels are super narrow 15×4″  BBS wheels custom made for the DeltaWing. The wheel are mounted with narrow 120-585-R15 Continental slicks. The rear wheels are 15×12.5″ with 300-620-R15 slicks. A small and light car doesn't need super large wheels and tires!
The DeltaWing relies on BLAT which stands for Boundary Layer Adhesion Technology.  BLAT was pioneered on the 1981 AAR Indycar and uses these uniquely shaped side skirts to create strong side vortices which effectively seal off the bottom of the car at high speeds creating a huge low pressure zone under the car making downforce without large underbody tunnels or wings. It worked really well on oval tracks and was banned after just a few races.

The BLAT sideskirts create votices and the car uses a small diffuser and winglets to make downforce over a wider range of speed than the original BLAT concept.  This has a lot less drag than traditional huge diffusers, splitters and wings. With half the power, having half the drag is really important for the DeltaWing concept to work. 


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