The DeltaWing Revisited


The DeltaWing is powered by a 2 liter engine called an Elan. As in the same name of the chassis constructor.  The engine is loosely based on the architecture of the Mazda MZ engine.  The engine block and crankshaft girdle are Elan bespoke items made from billet.  The block only weights 25 lbs. 

We feel that a different block was needed due to the engine now being a semi stressed member in a race car chassis.  The block had to be redesigned to accommodate these stresses. The heads are Mazda MZ parts with direct injection. A Dailey Engineering dry sump keeps the engine lubricated even with race car G loads.

The engine puts out only 350 hp at 6800 rpm and 270 lb ft of torque from 3500 to 6800 rpm, a very wide powerband for a race engine. The engine weighs just 176 pounds fully dressed. The lightweight, simple production based engine that is lightly stressed with low power and a low rev limit goes along with the DeltaWing's less is more concept.


The rear suspension is attached to a billet plate between the engine block and the rear transaxle.
The transaxle is is a six speed made by Emco especially for the DeltaWing project. It only weighs 33 lbs and is really small and compact. It has a conventional clutch type limited slip, not the rumored computer controlled vectored torque system that the car allegedly had.  

The car has had several transmission failures and a lot of the car's current development efforts have been geared towards improving the transaxle for better reliability. The transmission is air shifted using paddle shifters and computer control. The clutch is a triple disc Tilton carbon carbon unit. 

A 4-1 stainless steel header feeds the exhaust gasses to the turbocharger that's mounted over the transaxle. The chromoly tubular strays on either side of the engine run from the main tub to the suspension mounting plate.  These take some of the stress off of the engine's block although the block is still a stressed member. 


The turbo is a BorgWarner EFR 6758 just like what you can buy for you own car!  The turbo features a full floating ball bearing center cartridge for quick spool up and a CNC machined billet compressor wheel for thinner more efficient blades.

One of the most advanced features of the EFR turbo is a titanium aluminide ceramic turbine wheel. This is a super light turbine that when combined with the ball bearing cartridge makes for a turbo that spools 30% faster than a conventional turbo with a similar power capability. 

The EFR turbo has a ported compressor housing shroud that reduces surge at low rpm and an internal blow off valve valve which eliminates the need for a separate blow off valve and its attendant plumbing. We also noticed that the turbo has a billet blow off valve actuator made by our friends at Full Race Motorsports.


A big PWR intercooler is fed cold air via a duct that takes air from a roof scoop. It is amazing how small and compact everything is. More for less is the DeltaWing engineering creedo.
The EFR Turbo has an internal wastegate that is built into the single scroll turbine housing, another feature that makes for a smaller and lighter turbo system. 

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