The DeltaWing Revisited


There is a lot of stuff crammed into the tiny DeltaWing cabin.  The carbon steering wheel contains the shifters for the transaxle and controls for the radio and selector switches for the engine mapping. 
These boxes control the Bosch telemetry system.  It transmits via the 4G LTE cell phone band.  
This touch panel controls the MoTeC PDM control system and ECU.  The blue thing is one of the car's air jacks. A MoTeC C185 dash display shows all of the engine parameters. 
Engine control is via a MoTec M1, an M182 model that has the drivers for the high voltage direct injection system.  The radio, a MoTeC data logger and PDM are also mounted here. The PDM controls the power distribution duties previously handled by panels of relays and manual switches. 
The lever is hydraulic brake bias and the knob controls the mechanical brake proportioning via the balance bar. The hydraulic bias is the brake pressure knee point for the rear brakes where the rear brake pressure is limited while the mechanical bias controls the slope of the proportioning curve via the balance bar.

The knobs on top of the brake controls are the controls for the cool suit and the red thing is the tank for the fire system. 


The DeltaWing has surprisingly simple aerodynamics. Light weight, low downforce and low drag means that the simple aero can still create a lot of cornering power.  The rear diffuser tunnels are built into the rear undertray of the car. They are fed by the leading edge vortex generating notch of the BLAT side skirts.

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