The Drift League Round 3 Coverage – Irwindale
Amanda Sorensen finding the sweet spot and laying down the rubber.
Rome Charpentier pelting the media staff on the grassy knoll with bits of his Federal RS-RRs. I’m still finding bits in my camera bag.

After everyone got their practice runs in, guest judge Jeff Jones (Yes, that Jeff Jones) called an impromptu driver’s meeting, where he announced some changes to the course to make it more fluid for the drivers. Two of the clips were adjusted to make lines potentially smoother, and cones were moved further to the outside of the transition from the outer bank to the infield as a visual reference for crossing the banks.

Jeff Jones, AKA JeffJonesRacing, explaining the changes on track to the drivers standing on the banked staging area.

As if a turn of irony, just the fourth run made after the changes saw Eddie Zapata, AKA BoostedDriftBullitt, lose it on the first bank, crunching his rear left corner into the bank of the wall. Fortunately, Eddie was unharmed, and continued to practice until a cylinder seven failure forced him to retire at the risk of totally losing the motor. Coincidentally, he crunched the same corner of his car into a wall at Round 2.

Eddie Zapata over rotates on the bank, his momentum sending him backwards into the wall.

However, the rest of practice went well aside from some scary close calls as the results of spin outs. RJ Contreras, take it away!

RJ Contreras, AKA rjdrifts, making his mark on The House of Drift’s bank.

Between Practice 1 and Practice 2, there was a thirty minute break. Here, drivers and their crews could be spotted making minor adjustments or, in Eddie’s case, surveying damage.

Rome Charpentier looks over his feedback log from the solo runs. Maybe something’s amiss?

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