The Drift League Round 3 Coverage – Irwindale
While I’m more of a Steppenwolf guy, I can’t diss Jeff’s taste in Guns and Roses.

With the driver’s meeting over, qualifying soon began. The heat was on. Literally, it was 105 that day and I didn’t bring sunscreen. The smell of tires and race gas soon filled the air as the drivers settled in. RJ Contreras zeroed out his first run, losing the rear end as he came around the first clipping point.

RJ Contreras stands on the clutch, choosing not to fight the slide. There are two runs in qualifying, after all.

Following RJ’s spin, Margaritis and Muss placed great runs. The Irwindale luck soon returned however, with Naor in its sights. Charging hard towards the first bank on his first qualifying run, the Evo failed to initiate, and had to cruise the first bank out, resulting in a zero. Not one to give up a chance for just that bit more practice, Naor finished off the rest of the course in style, as seen below.

Raz Naor slides past the media box in the center of the second corner, the wind thankfully pushing the smoke away from us.

Following Raz’s run was Muss in his E46 drift sedan. In typical Muss fashion, he rode the bank like nothing else, however lacked a bit of the Olympian chutzpah in the infield, costing him points. Afterwards was Purkhiser, missing a gear while coming out of the bank and straightening out, resulting in a 0 for her first run. Following Purkhiser was Mark Sanchez in his 4G63 S13.4, putting down a great, if slow run, the lack of speed costing him points.

Extorting the extra length the sedan chassis affords him, Muss swings it wide into the infield, holding the pedal constant.
Sanchez standing on the brakes with his left foot as he dives into the middle corner, locking them up long enough to make a panning shot look like a snap shot. Note the blur on his rear wheels.

Next off the line was Joseph Jansen in his stock appearing 370z. Despite the clear disadvantage to the more purpose-built cars, Jansen’s competed in all three rounds of The Drift League so far. I’ve personally noted it’s remarkably easy to get good shots of him due to how smooth he is in the corners. His run had a decent amount of angle, but his lack of power showed, the whole course ran a tad slow.

Alfa Ramirez was up next, pulling off a great run despite being shallow on the bank and in the infield. However, I don’t blame him for not being so sure on the bank after that previously detailed near miss with the wall.

While Ramirez kept great speed thanks to his light chassis and throaty LS engine, his angle was rather shallow.

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