The Drift League Round 3 Coverage – Irwindale
One of Eddie’s crew changing out the tires; he didn’t blow the motor until he was well into Practice 2.

Cars and drivers refreshed, the track soon went hot again for Practice 2. This time two cars go on track at once since Practice 2 allows tandems. The hectic, fast paced nature of drifting soon reared its head once more as Pablo Cabrera (AKA pabdrifts) spun out while leading Micah Diaz, who collided into him. Thankfully it was a slow speed crash.

Pablo Cabrera inspects the damage to his car.

I interviewed both drivers afterwards, both agreeing on what happened, and who shared the blame. Pablo was quoted as saying “What happened is that I had too much angle then I just spun out, I’ll take the blame for that.”

Micah however saw the crash as potentially avoidable, saying “Instead of throttling until he got out of the way, he stuck on the brake and that was it.”

Fortunately, Practice 2 saw no more collisions; but it was not without more close calls and near misses. First near miss was between Mark Sanchez (AKA mark_4g13) and Margaritis Katsanidis (AKA margaritis_racing). On the transition from the bank to the infield to the corner around the media box in the center of the infield, Margaritis spun out, with Mark thankfully stopping in time to avoid a collision.

Mark (left) stomps on the brakes, successfully avoiding a crash with Margaritis (right).

Afterwards, more of the usual, until AJ Muss (Yes, the Winter Olympian AJ Muss) made some serious proximity on Susan Purkhiser (AKA Purki1) on the final corner.

Susan Purkhiser (left) does her best to run away from Muss (right), but once the heat is on for Muss, he doesn’t fall back.

However, after such close proximity, it was almost certain for another close call. Mark Sanchez was unlucky once again, as the lead car driven by George Kilada (AKA hb_drifter) spun out while going around the apron of the second corner. Like last time, Mark was able to avoid a crash.

George Kilada (left) lays on the loud pedal to get out of Mark’s (right) path; Mark already standing on the brakes.

It seems bad luck comes in twos at The House of Drift. Soon after some great runs from Sorensen and Margaritis, Kilada found himself in the crosshairs of Lady Luck once more. Leading Chris Jones (AKA cjones_drift) through the second corner, he spun out again, resulting in a split second where I thought I was going to see a sixty-mile-an-hour T-bone. Fortunately, I was wrong.

Amanda Sorensen sweeps around the last clipping point into the final corner.

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