The Drift League Round 3 Coverage – Irwindale

Not one to be bested that easily, Rome Charpentier went immediately after. With the new Magnuson supercharged 6.0 iron block LS under the hood, his speed was great throughout the run. However, his score was undercut by a shallow angle and not great proximity to the clipping points, ending with a score of 70, just behind Stuke.

Rome holding a somewhat shallow angle diving towards the apex of the second corner.

The Irwindale Luck wasn’t one to hibernate long this time however, striking one it had previously stricken. Tony Cisneros faced mechanical issues on entry, and was forced to cruise through the bank, resulting in a 0.

However, 1st place winner of Round 2, Josh Mason, made himself known immediately afterwards. The sound of his distinct turbo LS Mustang walloping and echoing off the walls, he carried a bit of a shallow angle on the first bank, yet made a great run over all, putting himself 3rd in points at the time with a score of 67.

Josh Mason, who some may recognize from Hoonigan, hammers down around the second corner, leaving quite the impressive trail.

With all the drivers having gone once, each driver prepared for their second runs. RJ Contreras went for his do or die run; the term for when a driver zeroes their first run and must place a score on their second. On his second run, RJ held good angle throughout, but fell to slow speed, possibly an overreaction to spinning out on his first run. Good proximity to clipping points saved him, the judges awarding a score of 48.

RJ putting his Big Duck Club E36 to work, making up for a zeroed first run.

Margaritis followed RJ, placing an overall good run, though missing a shift as he came around the second corner, costing him angle, speed, and time. As a result, the judges gave him a score of 33.

Next up was AJ Muss. Riding the first wall like he did last time, he gave it a bit too much untz on entry, tapping the wall and losing some body panels. Despite the tap, he followed through the course well, the judges giving a score of 64.

AJ Muss carries on despite the hit he took coming off the bank. Note the damaged overfenders, and the little you can see of his rear quarter through the smoke.

Naor put down a good run again, despite being shallow in terms of angle and height on the bank, pulled it off with speed and proximity to the clipping points.

Purkhiser unfortunately zeroed out again as she straightened out coming around the bank thanks to a missed shift, but kept in it for the crowd, riding the final wall excellently.

Purkhiser forced to take the bank’s transition like a time attack car after straightening out on entry.

Following Purkhiser’s run was Mark Sanchez, scoring a 64. Jay Jansen was next, however he faced mechanical issues after a straighten-out on the bank, forced to cruise the rest of the course and take a 0.

Alfa Ramirez was next up, taking a more cautious run around for a score of 50.

After Alfa, Cabrera took his second run, making good speed and angle, yet straying too far from the clipping points to improve his score, his first run being a point higher at 60.

Pablo Cabrera didn’t place first in qualifying, but damn if he didn’t put on a show.

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